Give Your Fans The Gift of Influence.

STAANCE organizes the world's opinions to make them accessible and useful, channeling the voices of communities to those who need to hear them. This makes even routine conversations potentially game changing for people and the organizations that serve them. For example, if you're a fashion blogger, the conversations that already happen in your community can now be structured and quantified to directly influence those designers and brands.

Have an audience of 10k or more?

Apply to become a host and you'll be able to drive more engagement around your content, empower your readers by extending the impact of the conversations they're already having with you and each other, and earn for yourself, your audience, and charity.

Have an audience of 100k or more?

Apply to become a host and in addition to the benefits above, you'll have the opportunity to launch your own STAANCE community and earn as much as $20 per year for every active member. Beyond what you earn for yourself, your members will earn too. Plus together, you and your audience will generate significant donations for charities of your choosing.

About Hosts

1. What is a Host?

A host is an individual or organization with a highly engaged blog, forum, podcast, or social media audience who wants a new and exciting medium to expand that platform, drive engagement, and unleash a new, highly-lucrative, ad-free, monetization channel.

2. Who is the ideal Host?

The ideal host currently has a highly engaged audience organized around a lifestyle interest like entertainment, fashion, tech, automobiles, travel, pets, sports, gaming, etc. It is not sufficient to simply have a large audience. The ideal audience is one that goes beyond mere likes. The ideal audience has real conversations around your content. While there are exceptions, this typically means that the ideal host has a blog, video channel, podcast, or other online experience in addition to a traditional social media presence.

3. What exactly do Hosts do?

As a host, you would continue creating the same content you do today on your blog, channel, etc. You'll simply include material in your posts that drives conversations on your STAANCE Campus. For example, a fashion host could embed conversation starters in an article about a new Hermes bag like "The Birkin is no longer the must-have bag it once was." Or a tech host could close out an article on the iPhone with "When it comes to screens, there is no such thing as too big." These assertions are excellent conversation starters that drive engagement and keep your Campus buzzing with activity. Once on Campus, your users will be able to create their own STAANCES driving more engagement and conversations.

4. How do I become a Host?

Hosting is by invite only. If you believe that you meet the criteria for hosting your community's conversations on the STAANCE platform, tell us about yourself and request an invite below.

5. Are there different types of Host?

Hosts can be Founding Hosts or Member Hosts. If we launch a new Campus built around your audience and their conversations, you'll be the Founding Host. Founding hosts are typically individuals or organizations with an existing audience of 500k or more. As a founding host, you'll be able to invite other hosts to participate on your Campus. All hosts, whether founding or member hosts, will earn based on their proportionate contribution to a Campus.


A revolution in how brands, media, and even elected officials learn is here. The days of behind the scenes, dirty-data practices are over. Successful organizations of the future are people-first in their focus, transparent, and committed to social good. As businesses discover the power of listening to their audiences, it's transformative effects become undeniable. Organizations learn, people get better products and experiences, and the world gets just a bit better. The ultimate win-win. And STAANCE is committed to building this future with other passionate, like-minded publishers, influencers, and their communities. Monetize better. Gain a technology partner.

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