A Long Overdue 

Revolution in Research

Slow Studies

Slow studies of 12 -14 weeks

Problems with

Legacy Solutions

Insufficient Sample Sizes

Small, insufficient sample sizes of 50-300 people 

Painful UX

Clunky, dense experience designed without the user in mind

Lack of 
1st Party Data

Limited to indirect and less reliable aggregated data


Conception to results in hours. Refine & repeat for answers in confidence.

Create a study

in 15 mins

Complete a study at scale within 24 hours

Continuous iteration for a powerful, agile research model

Social communities organized around a shared interest, presented in a beautiful world-class user interface with user-generated content, gamification, and network-effects for an engaged always-on experience.  


2+ Billion audience reach

Learn from




1 Million People

Simple & Beautiful

We started with the user experience.

For Researchers

  • A tool anyone can use to its maximum potential obtain maximum value

  • Intelligent automation of workflows mean no training is required to create studies or to understand the output

  • White glove service for overwhelmed teams

For Respondents

  • Simple & intuitive

  • Highly visual experience

  • Feedback to drive engagement

  • Peer to peer conversations that drive authenticity

  • Low cognitive load for higher conversion and completion rates


Proprietary engines that deliver fast, one-click power at your fingertips

Sampling Engine


Graphics Engine


Acquisition Engine


Insights Engine


NLP of qualitative feedback


Intelligent conditional flow logic


Intelligent rewards and incentive engine



  • Reach of 2+ Billion people on-demand with smart distribution based on US Census data.


  • Granular targeting for access to virtually limitless segmentation

  • Saved audiences for repeatability

  • Retargeting

  • Custom list of your own audiences to learn from

Output &


  • Pattern detection and insight extraction

  • Visual presentation of human-readable insights

  • Powerful dashboard to explore your results

  • STAANCE Stories for a powerful mobile consumption experience that teams and executives will love

  • Easy sharing and internal distribution within organizations

  • White-glove service

  • With answers available in minutes, make data a part of all decision making

  • Design a modern agile research organization

  • Enable your organization to act earlier

  • Retain long-form research options for those questions that can wait

  • Learn now with STAANCE and get started ahead of the competition

  • Launch a study in 20 mins

  • Complete a study of 25k respondents in 24 hrs

  • Receive ML generated insights within one hour

  • Distribute within your organization

  • Refine based on new questions or findings and iterate.

  • With STAANCE Speed, iterate rapidly till you have powerful, reliable answers

  • Complete three iterative/agile cycles within 72 hours

Popular Use Cases

Effortlessly capture feedback

Get Powerful, Actionable Insights by Next Week



Get a $100 credit* and publish your first study for free!

*You will need a credit card to begin. Once you’ve activated your account, you will have three (3) days to use your credit.  Any amount above your promotional credit will be charged to the card on file. Use of our services indicates an acceptance of our Terms of Use.


One study at a time

  • Reach of 2+ Billion

  • Robust, easy to understand insights

  • Pattern generation

  • Real-time dashboard

  • Up to 2 team members 

  • Easy credit card billing

Monthly or Yearly Options


  • Reach of 2+ Billion

  • Robust, easy to understand insights

  • Pattern generation

  • Real-time dashboard

  • Unlimited team members

  • Corporate billing 

  • 20% off study rates

  • A/B video testing

  • Free industry-specific sample studies

  • Gift card capabilities

  • Opportunity to use B2B audiences + private communities

  • Access to white glove services


San Francisco, California

United States



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