What is Staance all about?

Staance is your dashboard to the world. It is a new way to explore the stories unfolding in the world right now. But unlike news sites, Staance gives you the power to reach out and influence each story.

How do I work this thing?

With a click, you can compare your thoughts on current events and trending topics with real-time opinions from around the world. Here’s how it works:

  • Staance presents you with an assertion

  • You agree or disagree, and immediately see how your "Staance" stacks up

  • You can then share a more detailed opinion in real-time and see how others respond

  • Chat with other users around topics that interest you

  • Follow other users and make friends to engage with your posts

Wait, what is an assertion?

An assertion is a bold point of view you either agree or disagree with. It's not a statement of fact but an absolute statement of opinion.

Is an assertion ever the opinion of STAANCE?

No, absolutely not. Assertions simply spark conversation, and it is up to the user to drive the conversation.

Can I post assertions?

Yes, we welcome all voices. It is a easy to post your assertion in any of our mobile apps, on the web, or on our desktop app for Mac, PC, and Linux.

Why can I not edit my Staance after it's posted?

There’s a lot of power in real-time opinions. Once a Staance is posted and people begin agreeing and disagreeing, changing the Staance could change the opinion being shared making the agrees and disagrees invalid. To prevent this, we don't currently provide users a way to edit assertions once posted publicly. However, you can always delete your assertion and repost.

Is STAANCE hiring?

We are always looking for intelligent, witty and personable people to add to our team. Click here to learn more.

Is there a STAANCE app?

Yes, we have excellent iOS, Android, and desktop/web apps.  

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